Terreno ~ Landscapes

“Eduardo Galeano notes that America was conquered, but not discovered, that the men who arrived with a religion to impose and dreams of gold never really knew where they were, and that this discovery is still taking place in our time.” 
― Rebecca Solnit


Landscapes inspire and affect us at all moments. Pulling you towards the future and pushing you back to the past at certain points. Our work strives to create an aurora where you might see where the future is going and your past remains at your core. 

Landscape Locations

Cajas National Park - Cuenca, Ecuador

St. Paul's - Staten Island, NY


Ready? Ok Vamos...

Ya había llegado tan anhelado dia! Llegamos a JFK!...A tomar un vuelo de lan hacia la ciudad de Guayaquil ecuador con destino final a Cuenca... Maletas, check! Pasaportes, check! Baby, check! 

It all started when we realized we needed to start building our own dreams full time. Here are some pictures of our trip back to where we got married, Cuenca Ecuador. 

Living in Ecuador was something that me and Isabel have always talked about. The arrival of our daughter Salome was the final push we needed to start building our dreams. 

Check back for more updates on our workshop.


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